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Meet the creators

In 2002, Simon Calcavecchia moved to Australia to follow his dream of playing rugby.  After his third game of the season, he was injured in a scrum leaving him with c5/6 quadriplegia.  

Several years after the injury, he graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts.  After graduating, Simon spent most of his time volunteering with preschool children who inspired him to write about, “The Adventures of Frank and Mustard."  The book series stars Frank, a dog that uses a wheelchair, and his best buddy Mustard. The ideas behind these books were created to share his experiences with quadriplegia and create more disability awareness in children’s books. The messages are meant to inspire optimism and strength when facing life's challenges. By sharing these stories, Simon hopes that children will see that they have a choice to see their challenges as opportunities for growth. These books emphasize the power to create love, joy, and strength in response to life's events.

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Simon Calcavecchia


Arturo Alvarez was born with a passion to create and has dedicated his life to developing his artistic skills. He studied the Fine Arts at Long Beach Community College, in California. After that, he formed a screen-printing business that combined his drawing and graphic design skills. For nine years, Arturo operated a successful screen printing business. The success came from an active approach to collaboration, attendance to community events and assistance to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. 

In 2014, Arturo moved to Washington where he met Simon Calcavecchia. At the time, Simon was leading the construction of a giant Komodo Dragon float that mounted onto his wheelchair for the Procession of the Species. The procession is a parade that takes place in Olympia, Washington every spring. While working on the project together, they became really good friends. They also continued to collaborate on many projects and eventually created The Adventures of Frank and Mustard. This children's book series has created many opportunities for both Arturo and Simon to inspire, educate, and motivate youth throughout the Pacific Northwest. 
You can contact Arturo at To see more of his work check out his lnstagram page @your_teapot

Arturo Alvarez

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